• Apricot Ginseng
  • Apricot Ginseng

Apricot Ginseng


This exhilarating elixir is the perfect blend of antioxidant-rich green tea and energy boosting ginseng. Subtle tart apricot enhances this uplifting nectar adding a succulent peachy sweetness. Just one sip will ensure this revitalising tonic replenishes both body and mind.


Green tea China Sencha, natural flavouring, ginseng root (2%).

Brewing Guide

Use fresh water, enjoy without milk - For hot drink, this can be left to chill for a cold drink: Temp. 80°C, Quantity. 3.5g, Water. 300ml, Steep. 2 mins. For cold brew, use cold filtered water and sweeten with agave syrup, Quantity. 2g, Water. per 100ml, Steep. 4-6 hours

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