• Passionfruit Ceylon Ice Tea

Passionfruit Ceylon Ice Tea

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This luscious infusion combines the exotic flavour of passionfruit with whole leaf black teas. The fruity sweet and tangy undertones blend perfectly with the velvety soft citrus notes of Ceylon. Delicate sunflower blossoms complete this delectable nectar of paradise.


Ceylon black tea, Nilgiri black tea, China black tea, natural flavouring and sunflower blossoms.

Brewing Guide

Use fresh water, enjoy without milk - For hot drink, this can be left to chill for a cold drink: Temp. 100°C, Quantity. 5g, Water. 300ml, Steep. 3-5 mins. For cold brew, use cold filtered water and sweeten with agave syrup, Quantity. 2g, Water. per 100ml, Steep. 4-6 hours

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