• Tetera Dobin Teapot
  • Tetera Dobin Teapot

Tetera Dobin Teapot



This exceptional teapot is handcrafted in the city of Yokkaichi in Mie prefecture in Japan. Made by artisans specialising in Bankoyaki ceramics who create practical pottery suitable for everyday use.

This teapot is most suited to preparing green, oolong and white tea.

Made in very small quantities and so we only have a very limited number available.

Product Information
Dimensions: W155 x D120 x H190 mm (W6.1 x D4.72 x H7.48 in)
Volume: 780ml
Material: Semi-porcelain
Colour: Mustard Yellow

NOTE: The teapot strains the leaves by means of 20 inbuilt holes rather than a metal strainer in our other teapots. It also needs to be hand washed and not in a dishwasher.