About Us (OLD)

With its base near the city of Oxford, Jeeves & Jericho is a tea brand that harnesses the traditions and quality of its surroundings with a fresh, fun and contemporary approach to tea-making.

We offer a wide range of fine loose-leaf specialties, with your favourites represented as well as the more unusual but beautifully flavoured blends – we have something for everyone! As well as great-tasting teas, you can also buy practical, well-designed tea-making accessories, so you can make tea just how you like it with a little dash of added style.

Not only can you buy Jeeves & Jericho tea online to make your favourite cuppa at home, but many cafes, restaurants and bars across the country serve our loose-leaf teas too. If you would like to find out more about our wholesale opportunities, just drop us a line via email or give us a call on 0044 (0)1993 706767.

At the very heart of our business is our ethical policy. We’re underpinned by the strong belief that we want to give something back to the tea-growers. Through sourcing tea only through members of The Ethical Tea Partnership, we guarantee you, the tea-drinker, that the tea-estate workers who grow the teas we source have all been given a fair deal.

We always welcome comments and feedback, so please do contact us at tea@jeevesandjericho.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter - we’d love to hear from you.