• Copper Chai Bottle Pourer

Copper Chai Bottle Pourer


The chai copper free flow pourer helps prevent spillages and provides a smooth pouring technique.

Ideal for attaching to your 200ml or 500ml bottle of chai so that you pour the correct quantity of chai needed.

Not suitable for dishwasher.

Brewing Guide

For an authentic Bombay chai latte add 1-2 tablespoons (1fl oz) of chai concentrate to 6fl oz of your favourite milk. Heat in a pan, steam or microwave to your preferred temperature and enjoy.

For an iced Bombay chai latte, simply pour chai concentrate over ice in a tall glass, add cold milk of your choice and stir.

Check out our dedicated Chai website where you'll find a number of interesting and alternative fun ways of how our new chai can be used other than in your favourite drink.