Detox. In Moderation.

We are half way through January. Or that might be Veganuary, Dry January, Red January or your own version of a full-body-cleanse January. It’s that time of year to grit your teeth, say no, A LOT and offset some of the excess Christmas fun. So, how is it going?!

It may be of comfort to know (if like us, your will power is scant) that through the winter months sticking to any complete shift in habit, way of thinking or routine is not the easiest.

As humans, we have evolved to stockpile resources in colder seasons (I’m not sure how that applies to alcohol but just go with it). So going from the have it all, yes to all, eat it all, sod it, it’s Christmas attitude, to being Gwyneth Paltrow is a hard jump to make. Of course, some of you will be winning at life and generally smashing being the new reformed you.

But if your one hour a day exercise routine has become 10 minutes, your Dry January has been sipped away on Saturday with a Gin and your no sugar diet has turned into a chocolate bar for lunch, don’t fret. You aren’t alone!

To help out with a little bit of clean living, this month our tea of the month is Detox. It isn’t only for people taking this January health ideals seriously; it is also great for those of you just dipping your toe in. We are swapping one of our daily coffees for Detox tea, having it after a big meal and using it to start our day right.

Jeeves and Jericho loose leaf detox tea

Not only that, it tastes so good! The main body of the liquor is naturally caffeine free, made up of nettles leaves, cardamom, coriander and cloves. These savory notes perfectly compliment the vibrant bursts of lemongrass, apple and orange peel.

Whilst we know it won’t turn you into Gwyneth over night, it will make you feel more cleansed and smug about the one healthy thing you have done today. So join our January revolution and detox. A little bit.


How to brew:

This herbal brew needs 3.5g or two teaspoons of loose tea using fresh water just off the boil. The perfect brew time is between 3-5 minutes.