The Loved Up (and a lot Sassy) Queen of Hearts, loose leaf tea:

Whether you love it or hate it there’s no escaping that February is filled with hearts, chocolates, flowers and an inordinate amount of PDA (it is bloody cold, so quite useful to have a cuddle). 

This month, we’ve chosen a loose-leaf black tea blend from our Alice in Wonderland collection, The Queen of Hearts. In amongst the tea you’ll spy some little red sugared hearts. They dissolve into your brew leaving a well balanced, deliciously delicate strawberry sweetness. 

 Chocolate hearts, loose leaf tea, Valentines Day

You can see why we’ve picked our Queen of Hearts for Valentines.

“Oh, but wait!” we hear you cry, “What about all of us singletons out there. Is it for us too?!”.

It just so happens that the Queen of Hearts is one sassy, salty, independent lady. No one tells her what to do or how to do it and if they do, “Off with their heads!”

 Loose Leaf tea, Green Hair, Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Tattoo Sleeves

While we don’t advocate chopping people’s heads off just because they looked at you funny, we do encourage you to drink this strawberry sweet tea with an abundance of independent, bad ass sass. And that’s whether you are loved up with another or just with yourself.


It’s best enjoyed with 7g of tea, 600ml of water at 100°C and leave to brew for 4-5 minutes. You can use those 4-5 minutes to tell yourself exactly why you are whisky in a teacup, wearing your own crown and basically bossing it.