Say Hello To Our NEW Pyramid Tea Range!

Loose leaf tea on the go....

Sometime's while you're on the go, it's not always convenient to carry a teapot or infuser so you can brew yourself a good cuppa. Neither is it uncommon to spill a few leaves across the counter when you're in a rush. But what is one to do when you appreciate good quality tea, yet despise those mediocre cheap dusty inefficient tea bags?


As from last week, you can now get 14 of your favourite blends in biodegradable loose tea pyramids! Here's a list below:

    Breakfast Tea Pyramid

    Earl of Grey Pyramid

    Decaf Breakfast Tea Pyramid

    Girlie Grey Pyramid

    African Rooibos Pyramid

    Passionfruit Ceylon Pyramid

    Chamomile & Lavender Pyramid

    Dales Brew Pyramid

    China Jasmine Pyramid

    Darjeeling First Flush Pyramid

    Mojito Mint Pyramid

    Gunpowder Pyramid

    Red Berry Burst Pyramid

    Detox Pyramid


      What's the big deal with Pyramids?


      Unlike most tea bags that restrict the leaves from absorbing water and releasing the full flavour and aroma, these biodegradable pyramids are specially crafted to allow optimum extraction. To insure the highest quality we source the pyramids from Japan, the makers of the famous fuso bag.

      Now you're able to experience quality loose tea at your own convenience!



      We'd love to know what you guys think about the new pyramid range, send an email to or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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