Ethical Policy

We care about where our tea is sourced and we want to make sure that the tea farmers we work with receive a genuinely fair deal. For this reason, our teas are sourced only through members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

The Ethical Tea Partnership’s aim is to provide consumers with total transparency on where tea is grown and manufactured.  Covering aspects such as fair compensation, health, housing and childcare, the focus is on improving the quality of life for a typical tea-estate worker.

Run by member companies, the Ethical Tea Partnership undergoes regular external audits. Similar to the ethos and standing of the Fair Trade label, the Ethical Tea Partnership, however, has a 100% focus on tea. This makes it ideally placed to deal with the many individual nuances and peculiarities within the tea trade.

The Ethical Tea Partnership also differs from Fair Trade in that its primary focus isn't economics, but instead concentrates more on the social and environmental aspects of the tea trade. This approach proves to be effective, as where higher prices are paid in developing countries, it addresses the issue of unscrupulous companies bolstering lost margins further along the supply chain.